Sunday, 5 February 2012

Meditate, Hydrate, Relax...

Here are some tips for maintaining that holiday feeling throughout the year:
  • Meditate - take a few minutes a day to ground yourself. Sit on the floor, ankles crossed, knees open, back straight. Close your eyes and focus on the brow point between and above your eyes. Deep breath in through your nose. Visualise someone you have a conflict with and imagine them in their healthiest, happiest state. 
  • Drink water throughout the day. If you need more in your water then add a squeeze of lemon, lime, or pop in some fresh mint leaves.
  • Trouble sleeping? Try writing your thoughts in a journal before you sleep. Also Childs Pose before bed may also help you relax.
  • Massage and Depression/Anxiety - Studies show that massage can help alleviate effects of depression and anxiety. If you are feeling depressed, please ask for help. You are not alone.

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