Thursday, 17 May 2012

Gurgling is Good...

  • The effects of massage are numerous...decrease in depression, anxiety, nausea, increase in tissue repair, relaxation, to name a few. You may find your body releasing itself while you are having a massage... Please remember that gurgling is good! You may burp, nose may run, tummy gurgle, tears, and yes, even the dreaded fart. This indicates your body is releasing, which is the aim of a massage. So when you are on the table, it is a great chance to let go!

  • You are welcome to bring your baby along when you have a Post-partum massage. You may feed and put bub to sleep then relax. Post-partum appointments have a more relaxed timeframe to accommodate your needs so when you book please let me know your requirements.

  • Lastly, as the weather cools down it is time to remember to keep your body warm, especially early in the morning and late afternoon. A cold neck can contribute to muscle pain and headaches so please wrap yourself up and keep your body moving.

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