Wednesday, 31 October 2012

You are getting sleepy...

Here are some tips for a good night sleep:

  • Turn your mattress regularly.
  • If you are finding your mattress too hard try a duvet between the mattress and the bottom sheet.
  • Put an exercise book next to your bed and write what ever comes to mind just before you go to sleep (brain dump). Don't worry about what comes out as you won't be reading it later.
  • Child's pose before you get into bed helps to trigger
    your body to relax
    5. Check your pillow is right for your sleep position and is supporting your head and neck. If you sleep on your side a pillow between your knees is a good way to support your lower back.
  • If you wake, don't worry about not sleeping, rather try to think of something that calms you. Deep breathing or meditation music may help. Your body recovers, repairs, and processes when you sleep. Rest is the next best thing if sleep is not your friend.
  • Eat dinner 3 hours before sleep and no caffeine after 3pm if you can!
  • Last of all, place a lavender eye pillow over your eyes, or gently massage the spot between you eyes on your forehead to help let go.

All the best and may you slumber soundly ;)

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