Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gift Vouchers Available

Nest Massage Gift Vouchers are available now...

Massage Treatments*:
  • Remedial - A full body relaxation massage that unwinds your body, reduces tension, unblocks energy channels and helps you feel balanced and calm.
  • Deep Tissue - A more intensive deep-reaching massage that will relieve chronic tension, stubborn tight and sore muscles
  • Pregnancy - A nurturing, therapeutic individually tailored massage that relieves muscle fatigue, back and neck pain, leg and emotional tension. This is a side lying  massage where you are comfortably supported throughout
  • Post Natal - A replenishing, therapeutic full body massage designed to relax mum, reduces depression and anxiety, relieves muscle fatigue, back and neck pain, and gives nurturing and support to mum 
  • Trigger Point/Myofascial Release - focussing on points throughout the body that allow muscle tension to release. A safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore motion
  • Reiki - a gentle non-invasive energetic healing treatment
  • Learn to Massage your Baby -  Promoting nurturing touch for your baby either individually or in small group classes. The 5 week First Touch course was developed by the International Association of Infant Massage.
* Your treatment may include a range of techniques tailored to your needs

  • 60 mins = $70
  • 75 mins = $85
  • 90 mins = $100
  • Mobile Post Natal service (60 mins) = $95
  • Baby Massage Course = $100
All prices include GST

Child care: 
Available on Mondays. Bookings essential

Monday, Wednesday - Saturday

To book an appointment please call on 0410 402 630 or email info@nestmassage.com

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