Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tips for the Sleep Deprived

We have all been through it, the sleepless, disturbed nights, "When will they stop??!!"
Here are few tips for those of you who are running on empty:

  • Nap if you can during the day
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Plan your meals - this makes shopping easier and one less decision you need to make each day
  • Reduce your commitments - Learn to say "no, not yet, sorry can't make it"
  • Rejuvenate your depleting energy levels by lying on the floor with your legs up the wall
  • Place your hands over your kidney area (back above hip bones.) Feel the warm golden energy flow into your kidneys, boosting your adrenals.
  • Energise through breathing through Right nostril while closing off left side for 3 minutes
  • Calm down through breathing through Left nostril while closing off right side for 3 minutes
  • Drink less caffeine, replace with fresh juice, green tea, fruit
  • Keep your water intake at a healthy level
  • Ensure you are eating well
  • Write your thoughts down just before bed - this is a Brain Dump, not a journal to be read later
  • Childs pose before bed

"Sleep is the best meditation" - Dalai Lama

Sweet dreams

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