Monday, 19 January 2015

Get Dancing, turn Witching Hour into Disco Hour!

Finding the witching hour is getting to you and your family? Holiday seems like a distant memory? Shake out the cobwebs, turn up your favourite music and dance...
Want another venue to expand your moves? Try No Lights No Lycra - a place to dance like no one is watching (because they aren't)
Dancing activates both sides of your brain, helps release endorphins, gets muscles moving that may not have had a work out for a while, and most importantly, you feel great!

The next Relax Baby Massage class starts on Thursday 26 Feb at 10 am
The class runs for approx 1 hour and baby can sleep, feed, whatever they need during the class (I have baby dolls to practise on if your bub is asleep.)

Cost: $100 (5 lessons, notes, & baby massage oil.)
Time: 10 am Thu 26 Feb
What to bring: All you need to bring is your baby, and towel or blanket for them to lie on
Where: 6 Gibbes St, Newtown
Parking: Plenty of street parking
Bookings: Please call 0410 402 630 or email
More details on the Baby Massage page

Baby Massage for Mums Groups available...
I can come to your mums group and teach you all baby massage.  Discount for group of 6 or more ($90 each for 5 classes)

Gift Vouchers available for Massage Treatments and Baby Massage Classes...
Treat your friends & family for details

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