Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Online Booking, Wheat Bags, and pesky Shopping Trolleys

Online Booking is now available! Click the link and off you go :)
You are still able to call, text, or email too

Dr Di's Wheat Bags  available now... a great way to relax tight muscles while winter is still lurking. Priced from $25, the wheat bags are hand made and include lavender oil to assist with relaxation. Drop by, or email if you would like one.

Trolley Tip: When you are pushing your laden shopping trolley there is great strain on your lower back. To help alleviate, spin your trolley around so you are pushing the side of the trolley. That is, one front corner and one back corner, instead of 2 back corners. The trolley will roll more easily and be easier to manoeuvre.

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