Saturday, 10 December 2016

Sleep, you know you want it!

Whether it is stress, small people, annoying cuckoos, the causes of lack of sleep may be out of our control. We can, however, train ourselves to relax and get as much benefit from resting as possible.

Bedtime Routine: The same pattern every night helps your brain turn off and prepare for sleep. Try not to be on any social media after 8pm. Read a book instead. Leave your phone out of the bed room!

Brain Dump: Have a notebook and pen beside your bed and write whatever is ticking away in your mind before bed. This is not for anyone else to look at, it is purely a brain dump. If you wake in the night with ideas/lists/concerns tumbling in your mind, jot them down. 

Soothing Music/Sleep Apps: There are many apps out there so try before you buy.

Yoga: Inversions (head down) let the body know it's time for sleep, so try child's pose before bed.

OK, so you're awake at 3 am: Your body is still repairing, processing, restoring even if you are only resting and not fully asleep. If you have a big next day then remind yourself you are getting rest, and practice mindfulness, listen to a sleep app, or imagine yourself slowly drifting off..."I am safe, everything is ok"

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